Revealing the Unreadable

New scroll, new challenges. First, we were pretty sure that our scroll is two-sides written,  same as the scrolls we processed before. The further analysis revealed that this parchment is one (OUTSIDE) side written, with lots of confusing bright spots of the metal dust on both sides of the parchment. Also we noticed the inside parchment surface generally is much brighter than the outside surface, with the intensity close to the ink intensity.



Slice from the top of the scroll with a tightly connected metal strip

The next challenge was the metal strip, which has the same intensity as the ink, and very tight connected with the parchment near the top edge of the scroll.  Although we can track the strip and remove it as a separate object in a similar way as we did for the two pages scroll, there are messy areas which impossible to separate without leaving parts of the strip on the parchment.

After the automatic unrolling the result looked promising, but not very readable:


After another week of experiments with the local segmentation, filtering, postprocessing and interpretation, almost everything become readable. The scroll appears to be an old, property related legal document.  As one can see on the original photos , the parchment is the cut fragment,  words are missing from both sides, left and right.


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