Monthly Archives: June 2012

An Endorsement

This pleasing endorsement of the project arrived from Dr John Alban at the Norfolk Record Office.

Through my colleagues in the Norfolk Record Offices conservation section, I have been following your project with great interest, and we were pleased to provide you with a non-archival, non contextual off-cut on which to experiment. It has been intriguing to see the results of your processes for reading unrolled manuscripts and the way in which they have been improving. The latest example which I have seen has amazing legibility, and I am sure that this process is going to provide archivists and historians with an invaluable means of gaining access to the contents of rolled-up documents which, because of their condition, have hitherto been unreadable.

Yours sincerely,
Dr John Alban

[Posted with kind permission of Dr Alban]

Unrolling the Unreliable

Thanks to the efforts of Meagen Smith studying at Camberwell, the small scroll of parchment from the Norfolk Archives has been successfully unrolled. We can now compare the X-Ray digital unrolling with the until now hidden text.

Unrolled Norfolk Archives parchment

Digitally extracted text from the XMT scanned parchment scroll

It is clear that the extracted text is from the middle portion of the scroll and the text matches perfectly.