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  1. I am the inaugural sculpture conservator at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York. One of the museum’s iconic work is Alexander Calder’s Circus, which I have been working on. The Circus entails small figurines and articles that have old paper and old thin leather sheets incorporated and clothing, hands, feet or other parts of the figurines that by now permanently curled up and impossible to undo by any currently known treatment. These items are extremely brittle and fragile. I am planning to get 3D scanning of these objects, but that would only show current condition and not the original uncurled shape of these figures, which we know was quite different. Would your technique be applicable? Would it be compatible with 3D imaging? You may visit the Whitney website/Collection/Conservation/Calder’s Circus (a short video) to have a sense of these objects. Sincerely, Eleonora Nagy, Conservator.

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