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Tech speak at Wuthering Bytes

Amongst an agenda filled with 3D printing for schools, an internet bill of rights and reducing anxiety using electronics at Wuthering Bytes in Hebden Bridge, Dr Mills presented on the Apocalypto project based at Queen Mary University London.  Dr. Mills covered topics such as a general introduction to x-rays, project technology and several case studies.  Dr Mills highlighted successful results from their work with the BBC salvaging footage from a comedy programme as well as early archival manuscript material from Norfolk Record Office.


Dr. Mills concluded his talk with a humorous quiz which involved the audience identifying various objects scanned as part of #xraymylunch.

Unrolling the Unreliable

Thanks to the efforts of Meagen Smith studying at Camberwell, the small scroll of parchment from the Norfolk Archives has been successfully unrolled. We can now compare the X-Ray digital unrolling with the until now hidden text.

Unrolled Norfolk Archives parchment

Digitally extracted text from the XMT scanned parchment scroll

It is clear that the extracted text is from the middle portion of the scroll and the text matches perfectly.