The Bressingham Roll, showing the limit of unrolling due to fusion of the parchment layers.

MicroCT of Cine Film

Acetate stock cine film breaks down over time and under poor storage conditions, reverting back to acetic acid (vinegar) and a sticky mass. This is a self catalysing process (once it starts, it keeps itself going) and is irreversible. The usual treatment for film stock starting to degrade is quarantine followed by digitisation. If degradation is too far advanced for the film to be digitised, the film is destroyed.

Morcambe and Wise Series 1 Episode 2

This film can was found in a shed in Nigeria. It is a tele-cine print of series 1, episode 2 of the Morecambe and Wise show from 1968. The cracked film can exposed the acetate film to elements causing advanced degradation. There is zero chance of digitising this using conventional means.

The full story can be read over the BBC Research and Development Blog