Imaging the Brienne Letters

A public talk on our work using XMT to image the sealed Brienne Letters to enable virtual opening.

Maximal Intervention - Saving Morcambe and Wise

Using Micro-CT to save a lost television show

Ward16 - Digitisation Without Disruption

The Ward 16 collecton and our attempts to digitise it without opening it.

Xray microtomography - effects on parchment

Using MicroCT to look at Parchment

Signed, Sealed and Undelivered - The Brienne Letters

A tressure chest of sealed 17th century letters just waiting to be read.

Use of XMT to read unopened 17th century letters

How Micro-CT is providing an insight into the sealed Brienne Letters

MicroCT of Cine Film

Recovering degraded film - attemping the impossible.

The Bressingham Roll

Almost complete text recovery from a partially fused 14th century parchment roll.